An empirical teaching in scientific management

The fifties of the twentieth century are a period of pragmatism and complexity in scientific management. McGregor, with his theories X and W, outlines the two extremes in relation to the people contained in the developments of the classical school from absolute authoritarianism to the absolutization of the priority of the human factor over organizational […]

Improving conditions for access to certification and education

Improving the conditions for access to certification and education is a priority for every country in the world seeking development for people of working age. Human resources, project management, product management, and software development are all modern disciplines that need to be imposed in the education system.

Latest Management Education news and activities in the project management field

As we already announced we have started project management certification activities and did some relations with regulatory organizations about management education and project management activities. We also started creating our own management materials and case studies in this field. For all of you that are interested in this matter, please find some references at the […]

NSCSS’ President public statement for the educational organization and the new project management certification activities

Greetings, This is my second opportunity to be the president of your organization. I challenge you to not only be a member of the NSCSS (The Nebraska State Council for the Social Studies), but for you to also become actively involved. There is a time and financial commitment, but it is very minor. You can […]